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PURLs - Personalized Websites

How would you define direct marketing nirvana? We think effortlessly initiating a personal dialog with every prospect or customer, all the while precisely measuring every touch-point comes pretty close. Now add to the mix a measurable lift in response rates and you might just want to pinch yourself!

We has made this fantasy a reality for every direct marketing professional. Our platform leverages Personalized URLs (sometimes referred to as PURLs) to drive personalization, measurability and lift responses in your direct marketing programs.

A Personalized URL is a unique and personalized Web address created especially for each recipient of your postal or email marketing communications. Most interestingly, Personalized URLs contain the recipient's name in the Web address creating a truly personal and engaging experience that inspires people to visit their Personalized URL. Reserved for each recipient, Personalized URLs serve as an excellent means to respond to -or interact with- your marketing communications. Think of it as a concierge service for your prospects or customers. Learn the basics about Personalized URLs here.

If you're looking to incorporate Personalized URLs into your direct marketing strategy, you've come to the right place. Contact us today!

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