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In March 1975, Peter T. Kinane opened Kinane Printing and Advertising. He was financially backed by Food Wholesaler and Grocer Keith Hawkins, President and Owner of Dewitt Wholesale and Green Hills Farms. The business started with 2 employees, one black & white Hamada offset press, plus related equipment.

The firm was housed in a remote farm owned by Keith Hawkins, fortunately the rent was low. Almost immediately business was good and Peter survived the deadline and continued to profit.

In 1978 Peter acquired a lease on a historic site and building (built in 1822) and after major interior work moved in. Kinane Advertising was now well located and ready for the future. At that point Peter's youngest son joined the firm, he worked part time while completing college. Phil was a born printer and added flexibity to our deadline work.

In 1981, son Greg, fresh out of the Army and with his college degree joined the firm. Things started to click right away. Greg's grasp of the "new" Computer era and his ability to articulate that into the print business was outstanding. Business improved so well that a larger, more modern location was needed.

Peter purchased an incomplete building, perfectly located in neighboring Solvay, NY. He completed construction and moved into, what is now our main plant and Headquarters in 1988. We then renamed the firm KinaneCo to better identify with the "Computer Generation". Greg was named President and soon KinaneCo was competing nationally.

KinaneCo's big opportunity was acquiring the national contract for the McLane Food Distributor's order guides. This job required printing, collating and shipping 30,000 order guides each month. Order guides average 150 pages each and were customized to McLane's customer's specifications. 27 years later KinaneCo is still printing these catalogs.

We have perfected high volume printing into a valuable sales tool for the Food Trade.

The McLane volume, combined with over 35 years of convenience store experience has positioned KinaneCo to become your marketing partner. When you hire KinaneCo, we become your business partner and you will directly benefit from KinaneCo's overall volume and expertise. We will save you money in direct sign costs, shipping distribution, and inventory management while producing a first class product.

Our real business is marketing your products and image. We only succeed when the program generates results.

Our Mission And Promise To You

Our mission and promise to you is to provide the highest quality products and services in a timely fashion and at competitive prices. We listen and help achieve your business goals. We will be there with honest, expert advice and prompt, friendly service.

Our goal is to meet and exceed your expectations.

Guiding Principles

We're proud of the strong roots and reputation we've built in our community. We pride ourselves on being a part of your team. Our technology is peerless and understand the savings in efficiencies. We will continue as a skilled, fast moving team, always ready to learn and meet any challenges our client’s request.

We launched this cutting-edge website to make it easier for our clients to request estimates, place orders, check proofs, or transfer files online. We hope you find it helpful.

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